Beta #2, Reward delivery (important!)

Beta #2 online!

We released the second beta for our Kickstarter backers ($30 or above).

If you already have the game in your Steam account, it will update automatically.

If you don’t have a Steam key yet:

  • Log in to the KING Art portal at
  • Under “Your Products” in the “The Dwarves” section you will find a link “Get Your Beta Steam Key”. Click on it and copy the key.
  • Launch Steam and select “Games” in the menu. Click “Activate a Product on Steam” and enter the key.

If you have not registered at the portal yet, you can learn how to do it here:


What’s in the Beta?

Compared to Beta 1 there are…

  • Up to 5 new battles with new enemy types
  • Up to 6 new playable heroes, including the new companion written by Markus Heitz
  • Tungdil’s journey between the kingdoms of the Secondlings and the Firstlings

We also fixed a ton of bugs, added new features and worked on the performance. We’re looking forward to your feedback!



Mac & Linux Versions

We’re pretty confident that the Mac version will run fine. We tested it on our test systems and had no major issues. But since the Mac version hasn’t been tested as thoroughly as the PC version, please let us know in the Mac forum if you encounter any problems. Thank you!

We ran into some problems with the Linux version. The Unity Linux Editor is still in Alpha and pretty unstable, so it’s hard for us to find and fix bugs. The game is playable, but we encounter issues when we play for a while (for example “exploding” character models in cutscenes). These problems do not occur when we test a cutscene directly to debug it and they do not occur on any other system. So at the moment we are trying to figure out what’s going on. Any feedback in the Linux forum is appreciated, since it might help to identify the problem.

For all backers of a physical reward tier (Box-Set)

Please go to and make sure your shipment address is correct.

If it’s not correct or if we don’t have your address, we can’t send you this beautiful box in time (or even at all).



If you have not registered at the portal yet, you can learn how to do it here:


For all backers of a PS4 reward tier

If your reward tier includes a digital copy of The Dwarves for the PlayStation 4, please make sure that we know where you live. All PS4 keys have a region lock and we need to pinpoint the amount of keys that we need to order.

To let us know your country, head over to and create an address there. If you backed a physical reward tier (such as the Kickstarter Edition) or just recently registered at the KING Art Portal, you should already be set up. But better be safe than sorry, so please make sure that we have all the information we need!

If you have not registered at the portal yet, you can learn how to do it here:

For all backers of the “2x Digital Edition – PC” reward tier

We had an error in our product listing in the KING Art Portal, which is why you could only obtain one Steam key for The Dwarves. We just fixed this error, so you should head over to to claim your second Steam key!

Shout outs

Our friends at Larian started their Steam Early Access for „Divinity: Original Sin 2“ today. D:OS2 is a Kickstarter project and it might be THE role-playing game this year without “Dwarves” in the title 😉

Check it out if you like!



Here are two current Kickstarters you might find interesting:


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